Welcome to the Youth Baseball Team Informational Website!


BASEBALL TEAM’S GOAL: To teach these young Jr Dirtbag athletes the rules and fundamentals of the game of baseball in a safe and friendly environment. Each youth player is given individualized attention to improve there stamina, coordination, athleticism and to encourage teamwork and self confidence.

BASEBALL TEAM’S MISSION: To build the Jr Dirtbags as a successful orginization with quality coaches and youth athletes capable of competing at the highest reasonable level. Athletes will be responsible for conducting themselves in a professional and sportsman like manor. Respecting their peers and the rules of the game. They will play fair and strive to win, but win or loose they will always do their best. Coaches will be supportive and respectfull to all members of the team, providing constructive and courteous comments to develop the athleticism or each unique individual player. Parents will be supportive of their child, the team and coaches by cheering and rewarding all members of the orginization with positive feedback.

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Youth baseball can be an important part of the development of children and the support of coaches, parents, family and friends is essential to the success of each child. The Jr. Dirtbags will always do what is best for the team, this is not a win at all costs orginization. The safety of the players will always be our #1 consideration. This Jr Dirtbags – Youth Baseball Team is funded by the support of the parents and with donations from local businesses and generous friends and family. Please feel free to make donations at any time, your support is greatly appreciated.