The Appeal

publicThe harder they try to reach you… the baseball fans… the more difficult it becomes but like Papillion, They’re still here. And they know you’re still there.

And know this. They’re still looking for you. You who love the game of baseball. You who pay for game day tickets and cable television. You who pay the wages of the players and owners and the unions and the television announcers? Yes you.

And do you know what? The game belongs to you. The history and the statistics belong to you… and me… the fans.

What will they do? Will they look the other way or will they unify so their voice can be heard? Will they stand up for the past, to show the future, that the now matters. Will they take a stand… in the stands… at the ballpark… for all to see.

Will you join them Los Angeles? Will you join them San Diego? Will you join them New York? Will you join them baseball fan? Let’s not look the other way. They did that once and they will not do it again.

Viva Hank and all those players who played it straight…

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